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AnimationSwords UK is one of the leading UK based replica swords online retail shop. We started back in the 1990's when there were only a few manufacturers out there. It was the time when new Anime emerged out of no where. The classic Samurai movies were on the verge of evolving. It was time we had given the replica weaponry business some though and get serious about things. So, we first started as a manufacturer. There were countless small third party retailers who used to buy from us and then sell the very items at higher prices with sky rocketing margins. Later, we established our own warehouse and shop in US that was quite fabulous and successful. But after we came to the realization Internet was blooming and people out there were making good out of it, we started our own retail shop with the name of Animation Swords. This online store some of the Replica Swords from our arsenal. When we realized it becoming more and more successful with each passing day, we opened ourselves for UK clients too. And then, we thought of this website that will exclusively assist UK citizens and some other surrounding territories. The prices on this site contain little margins. Our quality is always way superior than so many other retailers out there which is the main reason we do not make much out of the sales. But we are always happy if the client is happy. Feel free to contact us if you face any problems during Order checkout procedure. We will be always there for you.

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