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Aragorn Strider Elven Knife from LOTR

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Total Length 21.5"
Blade 15"
Handle 6.5"
Heavy duty stainless steel construction
Slightly curved blade with elven runes etched on the blade
Gold plated metal guard and pommel
Red Hardwood handle for proper a grip
Detailed Wooden scabbard with leather layer and gold plated metal mountings
A well balanced and highly detailed replica with perfect value

One of the top rated things from the LOTR arrangement, the Elven Knife is accessible with every one of its advantages. Initially it was included in the epic dream film arrangement and was used by Aragorn Strider, a Ranger who never remains at a solitary place and helps each great individual in need. He was one of the principle heroes charged for obliterating the one ring. The blade was created by the antiquated mythical beings to battle the orcs and all the malevolence out there.

The Aragorn Strider Knife includes a marginally bended stainless steel edge that has a somewhat sharp tip. Scratched with the elven runes it clearly looks awesome. Take note of that the cutting edge is not sharp to cut but rather has a 100% fantastic development. Alongside the cutting edge is the red hardwood handle. A firm handle that ensures the wielder gets a firm hold. The gold plated metal monitor and knob are mounted impeccably. With the bundle, comes the wooden casing with cowhide layer on top and two gold plated metal mountings for appropriate enumerating. At whatever point you need an epic dream cutting edge, ensure you get something like the Aragorn Strider Elven Knife. Checkout the beneath features

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