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Animation Swords UK stores small files on your computer hard drive that are collectively called “cookies”. These files are not stored mandatory nor do we force this site to store these files on your computer. You can always disable the cookies from your browser settings and this way, this site will not be able to store such files.
What are cookies and why these are needed?
As mentioned previously, cookies are small files (having the file sizes in KBs) stored on your computer’s hard drive. The main objective of these files is to improve our site’s performance and offering you better services. To achieve this goal, cookies collect certain information from your computer such as your online identity, your IP address, your browsers versions, OS version, current time settings and locale. This way, we know that you are not a fraud and use this info to provide better services. Some certain cookies also track your online activity only when you are on this site. It checks which pages you checked, how much time you spent on this site and which page you exited.
But again, if you feel insecure about this, you can always disable the settings that allow storing the cookies from your browser. We assure you that such info is always kept safe.

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