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Kill Bill Hattori Hanzo Sword

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Overall Length: 41 Inches
Blade Length: 28.5 Inches
Handle Length: 11 Inches
Solid stainless steel heavy duty false edged blade
Hamon and inscription on the blade
Full tang construction
Gold plated metal guard and pommel
Black nylon cord wrapping on handle for proper detailing
Shiny black finished scabbard with metal mountings and cord wrapping
A must have for all Kill Bill fans, cosplayers and collectors

Behold the compelling Hattori Hanzo Sword replica that cut several adversaries while being employed by the youthful Bride. It was initially included in the ???Kill Bill??? motion picture arrangement that had two blockbuster motion pictures and will conceivably produce a third continuation/prequel. The story is about a youthful Bride who leaves an association of Assassins and is put to comma on her big day by her professional killer partners. In this way, when stirred, she promises to execute every one of the individuals from the association. What's more, they additionally depicted the character of the unbelievable sword creator ???Hattori Hanzo???. Furthermore, the thing you see here was skilled to lady of the hour by the producer for nothing in the series.

The Kill Bill Bride Sword contains a strong stainless steel solid handle development and helps a hamon going through it. The cutting edge is false edged and contains the engraving as found in the motion picture. The tsuba/monitor is gold plated interfacing with the long handle. The handle is additionally metal fitted improving the class of the thing. The Kill Bill Sword has a nylon rope wrapping over the grip for legitimate itemizing. The dark casing has a delightful dark covered surface with enchanting emblazoning, gold plated metal fittings and a long fiber line wrapped over the end. Observe a portion of the elements of this thing below.

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