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Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver Sword

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Total Length : 45"
Blade 35"
Handle 10"
Silver finished stainless steel twisted blade
Dull finished metal guard
Incredibly detailed guard featuring carvings and jewels as eyes
Black leather wrapped long handle
Solid metal pommel
Real like details and ideally weighted item

The Raziel Soul Reaver Sword we are putting forth was delineated in almost every one of the diversions in the Legacy of Kain establishment. Raziel was the principle hero of the arrangement who was reviled by Kain. Whenever reviled, his appearance changed and got to be distinctly similar to that of a Ghostly Vampire. He battles his was to the top to set himself free from the revile and vengeance Kain for reviling him. The arrangement is old however regardless it has many fans because of its fierce and graphically advanced gameplay.

The Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver Sword includes a terrible plan like a mischievous cutting edge. The curved silver completed stainless steel edge is false edged. The primary concern in the bundle is the monitor highlighting a skull like structure, two red gems as eyes, two prongs in the center as teeth of the skull and different projections finishing its shape. There are a few carvings on the strong metal monitor for appropriate enumerating. The metal handle is sturdy and has dark cowhide wrapping for a happy with employing background. Observe a portion of the components of Soul Reaver Sword below.

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