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When it comes to paying for your order via Online Selling channels, some people find it a nightmare. Some sites ask for your personal details, some sites force you to write blind checks to them, some ask for your phone number verification while some of them force you to pay via the only available payment processor on their site.
Animation Swords UK also provide a transparent shopping system that is both secure and efficient. This time saving method includes accepting payments via the most secured payment processor “PayPal”. Undoubtedly PayPal is one of the largest and most used payment processor. You can pay easily if you have a PayPal (Personal or Business) account. But if you do not happen to have PayPal, you can still pay into our PayPal merchant account via any Debit/Credit Card. On the contrary, we offer a more robust system for you to pay instantly. This system is called Online Debit Credit Card Processing. It instantly charges your Debit or Credit Card in a secure way that not even we have the record of your card details. You can choose either of the two secure ways of paying for your order.
This way, your transaction with us will be secured and time saving.
We wish you a good luck with your shopping experience.

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