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We protect the private information of our precious customers all the time. But if you have any insecurities or confusions regarding what information we store and how we use it, you can read the following points. After reading these points, we hope you will be enlightened and your trust on our online store will increase for sure.
We store cookies on your hard drive for providing better services. To know more about what these files are, please check this page here.
Collection of Information
We collect certain information for processing your order such as your name, physical address, locale, country, zip code, phone number, and email ID etc. We never disclose this information to any third party at any cost except in the case of any fraud. You information will always be safe with us.
Use of Personal Information
We never use your personal information for any cause nor do we leak out this information to any third party at any cost. Note that we may only use your personal information for sending out our monthly newsletter or updating you about our latest promotions or offers.

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